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Management Service of Oil Plant

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Such kind of operations is made possible thanks to:

  • Skilled technicians full experienced on specific matter.
  • Oil analysis laboratory, fully equipped with proper equipment.
  • Huge number of circulation and filtering units, of various potentialities (until 3.000 lt/min.) complete with full set of automatic particle counters.

Our service include the complete management of hydraulic fluids (usually oil), including:

  • Sampling with appropriate frequency, in order to overlook accurately the evolution of contamination during operations. Through such kind of analysis, it is possible to modify in, progress, physical and technical parameters in order to improve and / or modify results obtained.
  • Management of hydraulic parameters (flow- rate, pressure, temperature) in order to get always the optimal fluid dynamic condition (which affects strongly quality and duration of operations).
  • Full supplying of spear parts of each operative unit, including filters, impellers, piping ext.
  • All necessary calculations related to operations.

Training for technicians and personnel involved on system`s management.

Particle-counters and equipment proper for certification of contamination class of the ser- vice fluid.

Among all the other activities, it is of great impor- tance the Oil Dehydration, performed to eliminate all traces of water in oil. As it is certainly known, water can cause the oil degradation, and consequently a strong modification of his origi- nal characteristics. Moreover the corrosion phe- nomena are usually be improved by water.

ITALCHEM own a large scale of equipments, that make it able to sort out such kind of opera- tions, removing and eliminating 100% of the free water contained on oil bulk,and up to the 80% of the dissolved water. Moreover it is possible to eliminate 100% of the free gases, and up to the 80% of the dissolved gases. Our activities can be performed both in stationary and in operation plants.