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Industrial Chemical Cleanings

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Chemical Cleaning Operations lead to elimi- nate deposits, scaling and oxidation from metal surface of pipes, vessels, exchangers and gen- erally several equipments present on industrial plants. The main aim chased through above said operations is to restore the proper efficiency of thermal exchange and/or create a passive layer on metal surface, in order to prevent corrosion during the plant operation.

For a proper and efficient execution of such oper- ations, ITALCHEM is furnished with:

  • A full furnished chemical laboratory, for analyze the nature and composition of metal deposits and find out the proper chemical procedure to be applied in each specific job.
  • Machinery and equipments of several poten- tiality, suitable for to erect temporary circuits, it included pumps of high potentiality in terms of head and flow rate.
  • An elevate Know–How, developed through more than fifty years of field experience in superficial treatments and high skilled engi- neers and technicians full trained and experi- enced.
  • A proper Know–how in all complementary activities (i.e. disposal of chemical cleaning effluent).